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Stratos Perception, LLC

Aerospace Machine Intelligence

Stratos Perception, LLC CEO, Rube Williams, Ph.D. (upper left)

Space Intelligence

We are dedicated to providing  elegant solutions that remove barriers to human access to space. 

We have been awarded a 2019 NASA SBIR contract to apply deep learning innovation to thermal control in spacecraft.

Having performed over two decades of research and development in spacecraft active thermal management and propulsion, 

we have the insight to efficiently 

apply machine intelligence to complex aerospace problems.

Ask us what we can do for you.

Business Intelligence

Doing business in the aerospace sector can require your software to address unique challenges. 


If you are a small business you may not always have sufficient insight to detect, define, and prioritize the challenges that may be adversely effecting profits.

We can help.


Our technical capabilities are extensive in modern artificial intelligence, including machine intelligence and deep learning neural networks. 


Our capabilities also include web, mobile, and cloud computing, statistical analysis, design engineering, physics, simulation, thermal engineering, failure management, control theory, augmented reality, internet-of-things, and blockchain; providing you with an insightful partner to help you discover and implement powerful solutions. 

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Mobile Intelligence

We develop intelligent and resilient apps for native iOS and Android deployment, as well as cross-platform, and progressive web hybrid implementations.

Contact us for advice on how to proceed with an app idea.  Allow us to consult with you to discover how to leverage advanced capabilities (e.g. internet-of-things, machine learning, block-chain ) for increased profitability.

You may have a project started, but the original development team is gone.  You may need changes on a front-end mobile client or a backend cloud server to provide a better experience for your customers.  Perhaps you need to expand your vision and service model beyond a prototype or increase its scalability.

Contact us to help.  

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