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Expansive Inferential Sensing

Our deep learning technology dramatically expands your real-time capability to autonomously sense and respond to physical system and environmental changes, including degradations and failures.

Reduce opportunities for:

  • Delays

  • Accidents

  • Degradations

  • Failures


Our technology utilizes the readily available sparse outputs of your time-varying system or environment to perform accurate real-time inferential sensing of 100's of physical attributes that are otherwise impractical or impossible to measure.

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Advanced Process Control and Degradation Management

Track a phlethora of specific degradations by type and location in complex processes without adding additional sensors.

  • ​Improve product yield

  • Reduce delays and shutdowns

  • Increase safety

  • Maintain GHG compliance

  • Reduce emissions

  • Increase revenue

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Comprehensive Inferential Sensing

Our technology provides to control and monitoring systems extraordinary adaptive, expansive, and comprehensive coverage of physical attributes, disturbances, and situations concerning time-varying systems and environments. 


Applications for expanded capabilities include:

  • Complex Dynamical Threat Environment Situational Awareness for Satellites and Submarines

  • Failure Avoidance and Fault-Tolerance Capabilities in Aircraft and Spacecraft

  • Auto-Tuning Control Systems Concerning Manufacturing Tolerances and System Maintenance

  • Life-Cycle Management of Distributed Machines and Robots

  • Robot Swarm Management and Autonomous Planning and Reconfiguration

  • High Fidelity Performance Digital Twinning

  • Autonomous Process Control

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Relative to the State of The Art


There are many inferential sensing methods in practice, including frequent innovations in the literature.


However, all such methods are limited by a maximum number of parameter estimates (not including state estimates) that is roughly equal to the number of independent output signals used to derive the estimates.


That's -- so last-century.


Our technology overcomes such limit to accurately infer essentially any number of time-varying physical parameters from scarce output signal resources, e.g., by a factor of 100. Further, our technology adapts to manufacturing tolerances, wear, degradations, and failures, eliminating the need for inferential system updates over the life of the machine or process.

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