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Multiphase Flow

We are developing active two-phase flow thermal management technologies utilizing our patented Intelligent Multiphase Flow Sensor / Transducer (IMFST).


The IMFST makes instantaneous spatially accurate high-resolution  measurements of phasic behaviors, including void sizes, distributions, velocities, and reaction rates, exceeding the accuracy, sensitivity, adn capabilities of capacitance and ultrasonic sensors. 


The IMFST is robust,  acceleration field agnostic, and easy to integrate into your control systems.

Applications include oil refinery process control, material manufacturing, lunar in situ resource utilization, waste processing, and active two-phase thermal management of transportation systems.


Bringing Mechanically-Pumped Two-Phase Flow to the "Liquid Cooling" Market For > 10x the Heat Transfer Over Single Phase Liquid Systems

  • High Spatial and Time Resolution Sensing for High Thermal Precision

  • Computes Two-Phase Thermal Physics on the Fly for Optimal Thermal Management

  • Works in Any Gravity or Acceleration Field (i.e., Applicable to aircraft and automobiles)

  • Applicable to Optically Transparent Fluids, e.g., Cryogens, Refrigerants, Water

Providing acceleration-field-independent precision metering capabilities to multiphase flow managment in orbital and lunar environments to help realize the commercial potential of space.

Waste Processing

Thermal Energy Transport Management

Chemical Processing

Food Processing

Materials Management

In Situ Resource Utilization (e.g., Mining)


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