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Investor Information

My name is Rube Williams, Ph.D.,

I am the CEO of Stratos Perception, LLC.

Stratos develops novel intelligence algorithms and intelligent sensing and control systems that provide unprecedented situational awareness and autonomy to machines and processes.

Our primary industry focus concerns aerospace systems, because the missions of many such systems can benefit from a substantial infusion of advanced situational awareness and autonomous capabilities to contend with remoteness, low inherent safety, and speed. Also, we have significant experience with aerospace systems and their mission scopes.

Although our initial concentrated effort concerns aerospace objectives, our products nevertheless deal directly with sensing and control, with applications across industries. I am excited to engage with a broad scope of concerns that can benefit from advanced intelligent sensing and control and unprecedented machine and process safety and autonomy.


Please utilize the links below to access our investor pitch and my LinkedIn profile. Also, please contact me directly for additional information and discussion at

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