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Process Control

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Infuse AI into your process control at high ROI

No AI Experience Needed

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Cloud-based and Cloud-Supported Process Control: 

Intelligent Multiphase Flow Transducer (Patented)
  • Spatially sensitive and instantaneous sensing of multiphase and multi-compositional flow constituents, behaviors, and details
    • Quantify volumes of individual multi-phase flow constituents on-the-fly without a phase separation process
Intelligent Diagnostic Filter (Proprietary)
  • Continuous estimates an arbitrary number of reaction rates, temperatures, efficiencies, leaks an other unknown physical parameters and states in complex dynamical integrated processes from sparse measured information. We can use a measured information suite of size N to estimate M states and parameters, for M>>N (which is the innovative achievement)
Autonomous Executive (Proprietary)
  • Highly nuanced AI supervision to guide your complex control systems for auto-optimization in response to degradations
Custom Solutions
  • Even with AI abstracted away discovering solutions can be difficult. Get us involved.
    • Recent: Patent pending solution that drives down greenhouse gas contributions while reducing heavy oil production costs

No AI experience needed

  • Reduce: Processes, Staff, Time, Waste, Costs

  • Increase: Safety, Autonomy, Efficiency, Sustainability, Revenue


  • Oil & Gas

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Medicine

  • Aerospace