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Rube Williams, Ph.D.

I initially studied nuclear engineering in college because I thought that computer science was too intuitive to waste formal training time studying. The study of nuclear physics, guided by experts in the subject matter, would seem time well spent! Nevertheless, I also spent significant free time tinkering with artificial intelligence, utilizing relational databases.

Today, I do not feel the same way about computer science. I know much better! However, I can't imagine going through life not understanding nuclear engineering and physics, nor without spending as much time as practical solving problems in artificial intelligence.

Back then, I was so energized by AI research, that I took my AI research notebook to by first job interview, with the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Michigan, and explained its content to anyone who would listen. Of course no one was truly interested, and they hired by to perform reactor thermal hydraulic analysis, a fun job. utilizing software to build reactor system models from which to predict reactor systems behaviors, particularly during accident scenarios.

My Story

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