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Stratos Perception, LLC

Advancing Human / Machine Collaboration

AI Innovators Since 1997

Stratos Perception develops artificial intelligence solutions. While Stratos was founded in 2018, our artificial intelligence roots, via our team, goes back to 1997, with a dissertation on neural networks applied to rocket engines to detect early stages of failures...

Multiphase Flows

Sustained space habitation and commerce requires supporting systems that can manage multiphase and multi-compositional flows in microgravity and other acceleration fields.


Our patented AI technology essentially eliminates uncertainties in the metering and management of transparent multiphase flows...


Inferential Sensing

The 21st century needs better technology than the last century. As we transition from dumb machines to intelligent machines, our machines can know more about their own status and options for improving critical operations and enhancing sustainability.


Our deep learning technology dramatically expands real-time capability to autonomously sense and respond to physical system and environmental changes, including degradations and failures...

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