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Stratos Perception, LLC

Advancing Intelligence in Machines in Space 

Intelligent Control of  Multiphase Flows

Patented AI technology essentially eliminates uncertainties in the metering and management of transparent multiphase flows. The technology works in any gravity and in time-varying acceleration fields, and is therefore applicable to systems on orbit and on the lunar and Martian surfaces.

Ideal working fluids important in space applications include:

  • Cryogens

  • Refrigerants

  • Water

Space applications include:

  • Mechanically-Pumped Two-phase flow systems

    • Thermal management​

    • Propellant Management

    • Pump protection

  • Waste management

    • Condensable gas management​

    • Water ISRU

  • Manufacturing​

    • Automation of the component mixing and separation ​

  • Asteroid Mining​

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Lunar Craters

Intelligent Sensing

Our deep learning technology dramatically expands your spacecraft's capability to autonomously sense and track external threats and internal physical system changes. Our technology utilizes your current sparse sensing to perform accurate and simultaneous inferential sensing of 100's of physical and hidden attributes of a time-varying dynamical system of any defined scope, external or internal, to your spacecraft.

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Space Satellite
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