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Stratos Perception, LLC

Innovative Artificial Intelligence

Multiphase Flow

We have patented AI technology for controlling and metering multiphase flows in microgravity, reduced gravity (e.g., lunar gravity), and in time varying acceleration fields (e.g., aboard spacecraft).

Target applications include lunar mining, waste processing, chemical manufacturing, and machine and environment thermal management.

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Fault Tolerance

We are developing AI innovation for the real-time salvaging of operational goals in the face of unanticipated failures. Our mission is robust tolerance to system failures, including damage from attacks, providing control systems a capability to utilize diminished resources to mitigate outcome severities and retain control authority

Our AI innovation integrates with a sparse suite of measurements to provide real-time estimates of hundreds of states and parameters, dynamically specifying detections, diagnoses, prognoses, and the correct time-varying control parameters and configurations.

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